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07-21-2018 0 It's kinda hot in here Devon slyly says to hubby Marco as she caresses Bree's neck. Marco then asks Bree, why don't you take your top off? It looks like you're getting really red. And as Devon starts to slip the girls top over her head, Bree admits Ya, I'm getting nervous.
07-21-2018 0 We found ex-football coach, Dakota, working construction. After everyone else has gone home he takes us to the job site so that we can get a better look at his tool. Up on a ladder and stripped down he shows us where he likes to get drilled before finishing the job all by himself.
07-21-2018 0 Sweet and juicy Carmella is here with a very special talent. All she needs is a fat cock and a towel. Once she gets going it's a veritable thundershower. You better round up two of every animal, because this one squirts for days.
07-21-2018 0 Everyones heard that they shouldn't go to the grocery store hungry. How about going to the bar horny? That's just what single MILF, Hunter did. She woke up the next morning with 2 strange guys in her bed and couldn't remember what happened! Open Wide - It's time to make some new memories - Slut!
07-21-2018 0 This sweet cutey just needed a tiny bit of cash in order to catch the bus home. Well how about a lot of money for a different kind of ride? Hop on our band wagon for a bone-in blonde treat sandwiched between our loose meat. Grab a napkin because this episode is so JUICY you'll have to wipe off!
07-21-2018 0 Andy and Tania start off licking and sucking each others titties, making their pussies wet with anticipation. Cumming to join in the fun are Stracy and Carrie making this toy fucking, clit licking orgy an orgasmic experience you'll never forget.
07-21-2018 0 Tennis anyone? Mariah is willing to score Love in her set if that means she can get those tight shorts off her tennis hunny, Paige. But sweet Paige only knows how to serve an Ace between the court, not between the legs. Looks like Mariah will take this Amateur to the Pros. Game, Set, Match!
07-21-2018 0 This wasn't Mark's first gay shoot, but it was the first time that this twink was going to take it at both ends from cocks this big! We may have thrown some extra money at him to take the double-dicking, but when you watch the scene you can tell he would have taken this pleasure ride for free!
07-21-2018 0 Sophia doesn't like to clean and wanted to hire a maid, but Brad drives a hard bargain. I get to fuck her, he tells his wife as she scans the ads. Sophia has a few tricks up her sleeve, though, and Brad ends up driving his hard cock into Ashley's tight little pussy! Now that's what we call a two-for-one deal!
07-21-2018 0 Sexy Slim was looking for someone he can have a good time with and Blk Heat wanted to be the center of someone's universe. Well, Blk Heat... the center of this dating universe was Ur anus, and Sexy Slim was diving into the center of it!
07-21-2018 0 Hot slit lovin' Veronica scoped out bookworm Ginger for a little lesbo lesson! This carrot-topped cutie was a quick learner because after some heavy kissing, Veronica got to bury her face in some ginger pie and steer this cutie towards lovin warm sticky clam! Taste the rainbow!
07-21-2018 0 Dude, no, never! Yup that is the phrase for this episode of His First Gay Sex. Never say never buddy, because you will wind up eating those words along with a huge cock to chase it. Looks Tyler Page ended up liking the pecker, and just had to turn a little of that sweet virgin asshole loose.
07-21-2018 0 How do you get a man to turn off his headphones? Pull out the earbuds and start stroking his cock, of course! (Fingering his asshole while you are sucking his dick works, too...)
07-21-2018 0 Horny Milf Gina Lynn is tired of shooting pool alone...lucky for her a stud is going to teach her the game by giving some hard breaks to her pocket right on the felt table top. Gina starts by chalking his stick then begs for some english right in her horny moist Milf pussy. There's no doubt that this hot Milf has a new favorite pussy pastime.
07-21-2018 0 We caught Valerie shopping, and after we saw her we knew we needed to see her little cunt! She was a bit shy at first, but she was face deep in hot pussy juice in no time! Ah, The sweet taste of lesbian pussy!
07-21-2018 0 Four new friends and one nasty sexual adventure... What better way to welcome the new babe to Cali-porn-ia? It's time to show her the ropes and stretch those holes! Her raw pink tissues matched her bright red hair when we got through with her!
07-21-2018 0 Courtney's loser husband was caught cheating, and she's ready to get even. Her revenge - he gets to watch her fuck us on camera! Its like they say, what goes around comes around, and boy did she cum! Nothing like a front-row seat for all the hot action!
07-21-2018 0 Little Tiffani was looking to buy a new car, so we made her an offer she just couldn't resist. We gave her a complimentary "test ride" and she gave us a complimentary "test fuck" along the way. Come see our skills of persuasion at it's best in this episode!
07-21-2018 0 Katrina wanted to earn some extra cash money, but she was a little hesitant about showing us some skin. As soon as we mention a couple c-notes she was buttnaked in no time. Watch as we turn out this hot lil' slut in another episode of BCWS!!
07-21-2018 0 She may be sugar and spice but I bet that pretty pussy tastes nice! But the only one destined to taste that pretty snatch sundae was sexy Mandy! Watch as these giggly naughty hotties gurgle love goo in this steamy episode!
07-21-2018 0 When Jaslin agreed to deliver the pizza, she only expected one tip. Instead, she got four "tips," and the shafts attached to them, too!
07-21-2018 0 Drew is bisexual. He has had his share of guys and ladies but there was still something missing... he needed a huge cock! We were more than happy to unleash our crotch rockets and give him what he needed! We fucked his tight ass right into outerspace!
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07-21-2018 0 Riley was at the park looking for someone to play some ball. I told him we had some balls he could play with! Riley had never been a switch hitter before but we showed him that there was nothing to it! Cum watch as we teach Riley how to play for the other team!
07-21-2018 0 Johnny and Adam are a little sore after their long hard workout. To relieve a little tension, they give each other full body rubdowns, with some extra attention paid to the most 'sensitive' areas.
07-21-2018 0 Darkness falls as the fairies and nymphs look to satiate their sexual appetites. There's no shortage of cocks to coddle and pussy to straddle as the painted ladies and masked crazies are on the prowl. The reason being, pleasing penile seasoning, of course! (3 of 4)
07-21-2018 0 Pisces was willing and able to break into the porn business, only he thought it was gonna be the straight porn business! Once we had him right where we wanted him; naked, hard, and horny, we told him the 'girls' couldn't make it... but if he was willing to do a little something with the other male models they'd all still get paid.... In seed.
07-21-2018 0 Kitty is a petite treat that is just begging to be licked and sucked. According to her The farther she spreads her legs the tighter her pussy gets! Time to seperate the fact from the fiction and give this kitty what she really needs... white cock!
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07-21-2018 0 Lexi is a struggling art student who needs to pay for her classes. We offered this creative slut a few bills to see her work; she let us touch her canvases with our Paintbrushes! We just love the artsy chicks!
07-21-2018 0 Skyler thought he was stuck with the most boring vacation ever, until he found Craig the pimp hanging around at his hotel. The helpful pimp pointed in him in the direction of Tyler for some hot, anonymous gay sex -- just thing he needed to make the trip to Florida worthwhile!
07-21-2018 0 Clara says it best when Eve and Adrianna first walk on screen: Oh my God!! And that's before you even get a good look at their perfect asses, tight pink pussies and pert little tits in all their uncovered glory! By the time Eve jams her strap-on up Adrianna's ass, you'll be ready to burst!
07-21-2018 0 Blonde and barely legal Kiara sure was lucky that she ran into Audrey and Otto...because these two sexy swingers love to break in virginal teens tight pussies in exchange for giving the sweet teen in question her first taste of mammoth cock and milf-tastic muff!
07-21-2018 0 Are you seeing double? Not exactly. In this episode we'll BLOW your socks off with a Lesbian Edition of this huge boob extravaganza! Drew and Cassandra are solo masters, so just imagine what type of orgasmic power these two combined will create!
07-21-2018 0 Maybe you should start kissing girls again... There's a pretty tasty girl right here. Marco says to Tia as he caresses his wife's leg. If you did we wouldn't have to tell your boss that you weren't as professional as you could have been. That's not fair! say Tia. Life's not fair. But, if you do we'll give you a shining recommendation.....
07-21-2018 0 Late one Friday night, Tabitha was all alone in her empty home, with no insane cock to gag on or bone. Insane Cock Brothas to the rescue, tada!!! The brothas have arrived to please that pussy and give sleazy Tabitha a ride. Ladies, when in need the ICB can help you indeed!
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07-21-2018 0 Wet n' wild hottie A.J. was in need of a cute little fish, but found a one of a different flavor, as luscious Candace wiggled by! Watch A.J. turn this elusive straight clam into a hot, lesbian, twat monster. See Candace's first ever lesbian sex!
07-21-2018 0 The guys have got themselves a bear this week. There have been sightings but this is the first time he's actually cum outta the woods. His tight asshole is ready for their huge cocks to be the first chubbies he takes in his cubby!
07-21-2018 0 Magnificent Mika was a lascivious leather maiden who loved to dish out some self punishment but had forgotten the pussy pounding power of the pecker-pole! Lucky for her, the Gang Bang Squad shows up to pack her every hole with bodacious black dick and to teach this masochistic bitch the real meaning of punishment!
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07-21-2018 0 Kevin could not help but to be in awe of just how fucking big it was! Kevin couldn't wait to get that manly piece of meat stuffed in his mouth and in his ass....but would it fit? Kevin wasn't sure, but he knew he damn well wanted to find out just how good it would feel having a huge cock buried deep in his ass!
07-21-2018 0 We found Eddie out getting cash for bills. Since he was feeling strapped, we thought we'd offer to help him out. We bet his clothes off his back and then stuck it to him with the promise of some fast cash. Amazing what some people will do for money!
07-21-2018 0 Amorous Angelina couldn't believe her ears when she heard her boss' girlfriend breaking up with him because his cock was too damn big! Angelina never would've guessed her boss was packing a penis-monster, so she just had to check it out for herself! This merry maid got down on her knees to tongue polish the boss' regal rod and discovered that the rumors were was gonna take a really long time to clean this cock!
07-21-2018 0 Nothing like a little blackmail-style action to get the ball rolling. I fuck his wife, I don't sue him for my cash. He pays up, I don't show the tape to the world. Well I got my balls rolling against this hussy's ass while she paid for her husband's screw-up! Maybe next week I'll go back to collect interest!!
07-21-2018 0 Colombian hottie Latina was enjoying the so-cal scenery and we were begging to sample that FINE milf ass! With a little help from our cunning linguists we got to bury our swollen meat in this sexy mom's cuchi-cuchi and had her taste test some of our special sauce! Ay Papi!
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07-21-2018 0 Damn! Nico was in the right place at the right time for some booty bangin' action. What fool... your car broke down? Ahh damn...well step inside my brotha', and lemme see what's under that hood punk! Watch Kane and Thugzilla get their guy gravy all over this little bitches face.
07-21-2018 0 Gay for pay is the phrase of the day as rookie guys Jack and Tom take some serious cash to pull out their massive man-sticks and pound each other in their tight assholes in first time gay fucking so hardcore and raw, these rookie gays might never go back to the fairer sex again!
07-21-2018 0 Nothing beats taking a nice hot shower -- except, of course, being joined in the shower by your lover for some passionate lovemaking! In this sensual scene, Samantha adds some welcome spice to Jay's morning, ensuring that water won't be the only liquid raining down in the bathroom today....

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