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08-30-2016 0 Aubrey's a florist that's about to get deflowered! She's never had her petals petted by another lady, but today she's gonna get expertly arranged by Miss Brooke. She doesn't waste any time getting down in Aubrey's garden of tasty delights, where her little pink bulbs and moist rose bear for us a fruitful femme sur femme fuck!
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08-30-2016 0 How do you make pretty titties tastier? Add some jelly of course! Spread it on and lick it off! After getting Euphrates on her knees for some deep throat action our guy adds some of his own cream making her a special dessert.
08-30-2016 0 As if a 16 hour train ride from Sac-Town wasn't enough, Patience is about to experience the pounding of a lifetime. Watch as these two massive limbs of man-flesh stretch her like a well worn glove.
08-30-2016 0 Vivien drops by for the 'Clara treatment,' and you know what that means: her pussy, asshole, tongue and fingers are in for a serious workout! Vivien shows that she can give as good as she gets, eating Clara's pussy and rimming her asshole like the dirty little slut she is.
08-30-2016 0 When Sabrina's went to return the tools her dad borrowed from their neighbor, she never expected to get nailed! Alex might be old, but he's got one of the biggest toolboxes in town and the money to fund even the prissiest 'projects'. Watch her build up his bald head and then get loaded with his old wood.
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08-30-2016 0 Francis is looking for someone to chase the chill away. Joey is a travel agent from sunny Mexico. With an offer of quick money, Joey was more than willing to "do anything", but is this versatile cutie able to take two HUGE COCKS ?
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08-30-2016 0 Welcome to a very special Porn Star edition of Blowjob Races!!! We proudly bring you 2 of our favorites- Amber Rayne, facial princess and Jack Vegas a true cum king! The odds are in their favor, not only have they both been in the industry for years they've worked together a few times too... Tune in to find out if these favs will be our next champs!
08-30-2016 0 The Loves and the Devilles have mutual needs, one couple needs a place to stay while they wait for a tow truck, and the other needs a hot couple to wife swap with! The honeys start by indulging in some serious pussy-pie eating before they swap their hubbies' cocks in a cum dripping group fuck!
08-30-2016 0 These couples were excited but nervous so we helped them get started with a bottle of champaign and a sexy game. Sparks flew, tongues wagged, pricks probed, gashes gaped, and spooge spilled until everyone ended up a sticky wet winner.
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08-30-2016 0 Daniel's latest MILF hook is to pretend to be a personal trainer. Demi doesn't really buy his story, but once she has his cock in her mouth, instinct takes over and she has to finish what she has started...
08-30-2016 0 Need to pay off "the man?" Well, give them your wife then! Dan is looking at jail time for insurance fraud, but our inspector, Chris, is willing to destroy the evidence if given a chance to destroy Dan's wife's pussy with a hard pounding. Cassandra's uncertainty soon becomes lustful longing as Chris begins his second inspection!
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08-30-2016 0 We think it's cuter than heck that Megan turned shy when we asked her about her specialty--the one she discovered by accident when her funnel of love turned into a fountain! Bear witness, dear viewer, to the unbridled power of female ejaculation!
08-30-2016 0 Avilla gives us a bit of a 'solo show' before hammering Bruno in the ass.
08-30-2016 0 When the Michaels checked into the swingers resort for some vacation fun, it didn't take long to find a couple they were interested in. Madelyn made the first move, talking Chelsea into giving Sean's big black dick a ride. Chris was fine with that, because he got to plow Madelyn's tight pussy in return. Talk about a win-win situation!
08-30-2016 0 What happens when two devils con an innocent church going lady to come home with them? Some delightfully sinful lady-on-lady-on-lady action. Watch as Mia and Sammy kneel at Crissy's alter with wet wagging tongues and vibrating plastic deities.
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08-30-2016 0 Nothing like a little blackmail-style action to get the ball rolling. I fuck his wife, I don't sue him for my cash. He pays up, I don't show the tape to the world. Well I got my balls rolling against this hussy's ass while she paid for her husband's screw-up! Maybe next week I'll go back to collect interest!!
08-30-2016 0 I have to tell you that the part requires you to be scantily clad. Are you comfortable with that Lexi asks the naive aspiring actress? Well, as long as I'm covered she shyly responds. Honestly, Lexi admits that usually leads to being topless or nude... Maybe I could work up to it? Instead of doing that on set, why don't you try here while it's just my husband and I watching....
08-30-2016 0 We were out for pizza, but when we met Rokie we agreed that we were in a mood for some twinkeroni. Hard up for cash, Rokie had no problem coming to our studio, just as we had no problem cumming on his face!
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08-30-2016 0 Breanne catches Jenna in the act of shooting some naughty video of herself for her boyfriend to watch. Helpful soul that Breanne is, she offers to join in the fun to ensure that Jenna's boyfriend gets one hell of a show!
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08-30-2016 0 When Alex called us she had no idea that this was the kind of modeling she would be doing. It sure was easy to get this sexy chick in the mood for some hot lesbian sex. She especially loved getting to use the strap on and fuck some wet pussy!
08-30-2016 0 Marcus and Devon dropped by Ethan and Tory's place to inquire about a piece of art; who knew they'd get a piece of ass, too?

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