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12-11-2018 0 Hardcore
12-11-2018 0 Sly and Jordano had always been best buds, but had never hooked up because Jordano is straight. That is until Sly let Jordano try out his new Fleshlight! Jordano slipped that ultra-realistic anal sheath over his huge cock and discovered that he liked the feel of ass so much, he wanted to try out the real thing with some hardcore first time gay sex!
12-11-2018 0 Danny wants to buy a car, but gets swindled into the driver seat of a train! He wasn't planning on some gay sex, but.. Watch this poor little sap get sucked literally into a deal that leaves his ass suckered and puckered!!
12-11-2018 0 Dakota thought he was training 2 future track stars. But he's the one who got trained by 2 porn stars! Trained to take it like a the ass! See Dakota open wide for His First Gay Sex!
12-11-2018 0 You should do something memorable, something you'll never forget since this is your last night here suggested Lexi. That sounds like fun Paige replied You have no idea said Lexi
12-11-2018 0 Carmen's husband came to us for help. As newly-weds, he just can't keep up with her cute, nypho needs. The cure for their dilemma - some fresh cock for this cute housewife! They wanted us to video it for them, and now we are sneaking the exclusive video to you! Cum check out Carmen's honeymoon present!
12-11-2018 0 Tim's always been a team player but he's finding it harder and harder to feed his craving for BIG cock. The largest he's enjoyed up til now was 10'' but were going to help him out by serving his ass up to The Professor and Shark who have 22 between them. Cum and watch as they cram their length all the way down his throat and deep inside his pretty boy pussy.
12-11-2018 0 Ruby is a sexy slut who didn't need alot of coaxing to slurp clam ...but it helped! I lured her back to the house so I could savor her pink taco over and over and this sweet honey took no time to go lesbo and do me like she had a PHD! Watch another straight slut go down in this one!
12-11-2018 0 Tantalizing Thai Priva may not speak much English, but she is fluent in the language of fucking another man to get back at her cheating husband! Oliver is unaware of her vengeful plans, and Jake and Kylie, who are back for a second round, havent a clue what the outcome will be of this steamy sexual session, but they are hoping for a good time.
12-11-2018 0 It's hard to imagine a pool babe that doesn't know how to swim but this ones never been wet until we reeled her in and took her for a swim in our waters. She was a natural. Like a fish out of water she dove right in and completely submerged herself in the pleasures of lesbian love.
12-11-2018 0 We've got Sledge with his huge sledgehammer to pound this snatch! She can hardly get her juicy lips around his dick but she tries hard and we give her an A for Absolute slut!
12-11-2018 0 Our little Mexican friend TNTown, is ready to learn some more English and his buddy is here to help him, too bad he doesn't have a clue that you don't need to know English when you have a mouth full of dick!
12-11-2018 0 This sexy Hawaiian cutie slut wanted to be an actress. We told her we were filming a movie and she could star in it if she came back to the pad. We had this sexy cutie sucking and fucking our old cocks and drìnking our hot cum, all it took was some cold cash!
12-11-2018 0 Darius and Daddy fuck, suck, poke, stroke and rim their way to a mutual climax!
12-11-2018 0 Marco used to go out with Xavier's sister, he got caught cheating on her. Now it's time to flip this straight dude around and straight into Xavier's ass! Marco will leave this room wanting nothing but more cock after this!
12-11-2018 0 This hot mama sure had a huge rack! The dumb slut actually believed we were legitimate doctors even though the nurse was a complete bimbo! Watch Brigette get scammed into sucking and fucking on film for the first time!!
12-11-2018 0 Lalo is looking to learn some kinky English words - and he has cum to the right place! Jordano not only teaches him the words, he gives Lalo some very specific and explicit examples of what they mean. Como se dice jizz all over my face, you big stud! en Espanol?
12-11-2018 0 Wanting to master the art of the orgasm and "get her chi flowing" pretty Jordan turned to the digital dongsters for help! Armed with dildo, the Sybian, and the Dorky Donkey the Doc made sure they pounded pretty pussy into submìssìon and let the "O" flow!
12-11-2018 0 28 year old Sandra is our newest addition to the Bubble Butts Galore lineup. This wild Romanian slut drove our cameraman so crazy that he almost blew his load right there! Lucky for Sandra we had a professional assman in the studio just waiting to get a piece if her ripe rump. Cum watch Sandra take a poking in the pooper and a gooey load all over her perfect ass!
12-11-2018 0 Deano and Martin settle in for a good old-fashioned suck and fuck! The way these guys suck cock, it's miraculous that they can get to the 'fuck' part without either of them blowing his load...
12-11-2018 0 Wow! This episode has a little bit of everything for your viewing pleasure! First watch a new-cummer learn the real meaning of deep throat before an old pro drops in to show us what a great fuck looks like! Experienced or not they're gonna get pillaged and plundered by some truly relentless pounding.
12-11-2018 0 Jamie is down right giddy with anticipation when he finds out we've hooked him up with our two good friends, Orlando and Shane, otherwise know as Length and Girth!!! Don't miss this dance major's great performance starting with a striptease in act 1, a dick tease in 2, and a dos-a-dos is his ass when he takes them both on.
12-11-2018 0 Jada was strutting around waiting for her flaky friend, when we noticed that hard body of hers. We knew we had to get our sneaky white hands all over those juicy tits. We got her hooked on the idea of getting into a movie role, but only after some QT on the casting couch. See this black beauty turn that ebony pussy loose on our "director".
12-11-2018 0 We couldn't tell if Tyler needed to be in a psych ward or needed a good hard fucking! This crazy bitch jumped right in the van and wasn't shy, she showed everyone her tight body. She even got a biker to jack off for her! We made sure to fuck this loon extra hard for him!
12-11-2018 0 Its one thing when you are on the set and there are plenty of people around and the guy in the scene starts asking Sophia to do some ATM for him. It's something entirely different when Sophia is home alone and decides to go ass to mouth on herself with her shiny new red toy. It seems some ladies are just built to shove things in their ass and pop them down their throat right afterward.
12-11-2018 0 Tony knew Taurus was the perfect match for him when he asked why they call him "Taurus". Taurus unzipped his pants and showed Tony. He was horny and fucked like a bull on a mission!
12-11-2018 0 It's been rough, finding a huge cock virgin. Could we have fucked the entire community? Our luck began to change when we saw Kaleb. This cute one had to be our guy. Turns out we were right, check out his expression when he tries out his first huge cock!!
12-11-2018 0 With a name like "Intrigue" you better know how to suck a mean cock. As Markell can testify to, Intrigue definitely does...
12-11-2018 0 Professors need lovin' too, and when they do they know exactly where to find rookie pussy. At a College Wild Party of course! Tight and eager to earn some extra credit Lily's shows her horny Professor that she knows how to cram and study hard; Earning her an sloppy S for slut.
12-11-2018 0 The bootiful Cherish Ley stopped by the studio this week to show us her "ass"sets. This Bay Area brat knows how to suck the juice out of hard cock not to mention how to shake but not break a stiff one. Watch as we oil up that big bubble booty and spank it into are favorite shade of red.
12-11-2018 0 Decked out in their vinyl and fishnets, horny hotties Rachel and Maya have done it all. So when we told them we had a HUGE COCK for them to share, they weren't least not until they finally got a hold of it! These slattern sluts had to lube up the colossal cock with their mouths before working it slowly into their sweet swollen slits and riding it raw!
12-11-2018 0 Rihannon Sky loves pouting, playing and fucking for the camera, so when we invited her to a little party we were throwing, we knew what would happen when we pulled out the vidcams! Rihannon grabbed the first thick-dicked stud she could and let him fuck her pussy til it was swollen shut, her big boobs bouncing all the way!
12-11-2018 0 It was my first day as Dr. Abbey Brooks trainee. Dr. Brooks is a mortician which means that I was working in a morgue! As our first patient of the night was being rolled in, nurse Emilianna told us that today was his birthday. Making it even more sad was how cute he was. Just as I was about to make my very first incision, the patient shook!!! He Shook! And Then His EYES OPENED, and he started yelling "What The Fuck, What The Fuck"!!! Turns out that that while having his birthday dinner his girlfriend broke up with him. He left the restaurant devastated, got some pills and washed them down with a bottle of Vodka. No wonder we was so sedate we thought he was dead! Anyway, after going thru all of that in one night , only to wake up in a morgue about to get cut up, he was Freaked! The Doctor, the nurse, and I agreed he needed to be calmed down and that after the night he had, deserved some 'special attention'. We surrounded his bed, left him naked and strapped to the gurney to our lab coats off and told him to relax. I think we all felt the same way about him beautiful, chiseled, tan, toned body... We all took a minute rubbing his chest and arms before moving down to his soon to be hard cock. I took it in my hands, squeezing his soft package it got harder and harder until it couldn't get any bigger. Then the doctor took over spitting long cascading dribbles making it glisten and we began taking turns spitting and jerking. He wasn't to only one getting turned on. Cranking on this guy was making us hot for each other too. The nurse and the doctor both had really nice big tits that were practically popping out of their tops. We were really getting into it moaning, asking if he liked it, tugging, and spitting. by this time we were all up on the gurney with him, nurse Emilianna's tits were in his face, and the Dr. was between his legs. Harder and fast we were working him, one had rubbing his dick and another rubbing his balls. He was getting tense and we knew he was about to give us our most precious 'sample' of the day. All three of us were jacking him off at the same time and he couldn't hold himself back..... As we left the Doctor joked "Your the stiffest patient we've ever had!"
12-11-2018 0 Britney was searching for a couch and we were searching for a sweet ass to de-virginize. We offered her a couch for the price of something tastier. A DIP INTO A TIGHT LITTLE...well you get the point.
12-11-2018 0 Julian was in big trouble. When we learned he had no cash to pay his tuition, we knew our sphincter spears had found an easy target! Now Julian can pay his tuition and has an assload of cum to think about instead!
12-11-2018 0 The best way to find a reliable escort is to get a recommendation from a friend. Mikah came highly recommended, but his idea for seeing the town had less appeal for this client than having Mikah suck his dick, so... fuck going outside, right?
12-11-2018 0 Nyomi is one of the hottest dishes that I have been served in a long time! She admits to being a perv and she doesn't hold back once my cock was inside her! "Fuck me like a dog," she yelled so I poured the coals to this slut!
12-11-2018 0 These college cupcakes have been diligently researching the kinds of sexual perversion men prefer. What Chad and Cole are taught about the lower anatomy really pays off outside the classroom too! While at our party, they hit the head for a private entrance exam into the U of BJ.
12-11-2018 0 Nathan was looking for a desk job. We had the perfect desk job for him, bent over the desk in our studio! $200 to suck our dicks? Watch us convince Nathan that he CAN pay his rent by getting his tight ass plugged!
12-11-2018 0 Three honeys and one guy or maybe two honeys together...whatever your fantasy is... watch as it becomes reality in this orgy sex party. Titties are bouncing and juicy pussies are getting pounded in this all night fuckfest! Cum in and join us... (3 of 3)
12-11-2018 0 Lacey just has that look. The look that says, "I suck dick!" This little cum dumpster jumped in our ride and started sucking! Then she pulled down her panties and started fucking! I guess you can tell a slut by her looks
12-11-2018 0 Wow, check out this trouser snake! It's the biggest one we've seen in a long time! This snake is gonna slither into Amy's tight pink pussy and unload it's venom all over her pretty face!
12-11-2018 0 Have you ever been to a party and kissed a girl? Once, but we were dared to do it. I dare you to kiss me. Wow, you have soft lips. Let me try one more time. Thank-you so much but I have to go, I have so much homework, I can't stay. No, no, no just stay a little while.... You'll like it, I promise.
12-11-2018 0 Courtney's been around the block before but couldn't get off with a good deep dicking. So we gave her a ride on the rude mechanical bull (a.k.a. the Power Pulse)that plowed that sweet punani and made her spooge in no time flat!
12-11-2018 0 Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks? Brent has taken a lot of cock in his day but he jaw hit the floor when he saw the size of our cum slingers! We pounded his geriatric ass until his dentures fell out of his head.
12-11-2018 0 This big breasted slut was looking to have some fun today. We just wanted to put our cocks between those big tits. Kayla sucked my cock while my guy pounded her tight MILF pussy raw!
12-11-2018 0 Zach isn't getting what he needs at home and Victoria is well, just a bored housewife. They both are going to get some tonight. Now if Zach can just avoid the angry husbands shotgun you can watch him get lost in V's jumbo titties and tasty pussy!
12-11-2018 0 What would your mom say if she found out we seduced you? jokes wife, Rachel. I think its hooot! giggles cutie, Sonia.
12-11-2018 0 When a cutie suggests some kinky spit play to a MILF, things get exciting before the party. They lick it off each other, drool it back and forth, suck it up with straws, drìnk it and spit it back out, then finally the MILF swallows the entire gigantic load of spit.
12-11-2018 0 Survey says.....MONSTROUS COCKS! Adam thought he'd had some huge cocks before, but when salacious Sam and joltin' Johnny Maverick pull out their pouch-packing pythons, Adam spread his ass and opened wide for their colossal cocks in an ass tearing gay get it on that leaves Adam's asshole aching!

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