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03-16-2019 0 Hyde has always wanted a crack at modeling but doesn't know where to start. We tell him that we can help him get his foot in the door, if he lets us get our meat in his backdoor. Guess what happens next...
03-16-2019 0 Dorm rooms can get a little boring sometimes, so these sexy studs decided to ramp up the excitement with some crazy cock-chugging and serious sphincter slamming! Being gay in college means never having to turn down a hot hole to stuff!
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03-16-2019 0 Francis is looking for someone to chase the chill away. Joey is a travel agent from sunny Mexico. With an offer of quick money, Joey was more than willing to "do anything", but is this versatile cutie able to take two HUGE COCKS ?
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03-16-2019 0 Jacob is a porn star and Christian is a web designer. Sounds like we have a perfect porn pair! Both these guys like Italian food.. and with some luck they'll be making some home-made alfredo sauce before the end of this date!!
03-16-2019 0 Hopeless romantic, Xander wants his girlfriend to come back to him. Soon he realizes that he doesn't need her to fulfill his need to get off. That's what his gay buddies are there for!! To lend a helping...DICK! Watch as he waits for what he's secretly always wanted!!
03-16-2019 0 This solo act soon becomes a threesome as Lili and Jennifer join Sandra in a show you'll never forget. Stradling each other they become a tower of trembling twats as they take each other tumbling into the ring of fire.
03-16-2019 0 I love seeing how far I can stretch my shithole! Plus it's kinky knowing that so many porn ladies can't do anything close to this, so that makes me feel extra good. Don't you like how I double-stuff my own ass then suck off the toy?
03-16-2019 0 We shot this last week. I had just picked up a new anal toy in Los Angeles, so here is me breaking it in on camera. This butt plug has a great shape to it and lets me take it deep up inside my shithole. This will make a great tool for ass-stretching before my future anal shoots!
03-16-2019 0 The club was packed and we were working up a sweat doing the naughtiest naked dirty dance, the horizontal hustle, for a crowd of adoring fans. Like sexaholics they wanted MORE, MORE, MORE and we gave it to them until the slut squad started throwing back fresh squeezed shots of our froth. (3 of 3)
03-16-2019 0 Hot and horny business type MILF, Brandi takes a break from her busy schedule to order some pool cleaning services. She asks for the best stud they've got because what she really wants serviced is the hole between her legs... Fill'er up pool man!
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03-16-2019 0 Jeff was lost and came to us to ask directions to the museum. Francis offered a ride if Jeff would come with us and partake in our little survey. Once home Brad and Francis "unveiled" their TWO HUGE COCKS! Jeff is such an ART LOVER!!!
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03-16-2019 0 This isn't your mother's 'Tupperware' party! Sammie's invited some friends over to learn all about her favorite plastic tools, but these gadgets are more likely to end up in their ovens than their fridges. Once they've seen her goods, Sammie invites the honeys, and you, to stick around for some advanced lessons, enjoy!
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03-16-2019 0 We found Joclyn shopping for a new mattress. We have a mattress we'd like her to take a good look at. Face down, ass up, that's the way we like to fuck. That's right Joclyn, it might not be new, it has a few stains, but we're pretty sure it'll make you happier than any mattress you'll take home to your lazy husband!
03-16-2019 0 By the time Renato is done pounding Mylosh, Mylosh is ready for a long nap... but first, he'll need some ointment to ease the burning around his tight bunghole.
03-16-2019 0 Paul just couldn't resist the call of a cute little piece of Latina meat like Carmen, with her sweet sexy lips and even sweeter tits...but it turns out Carmen was carrying a little extra meat that Paul didn't know about. By then though, Paul was already thinking about burying his cock in between Carmen's firm funbags...who cares if she was a chick with a dick....right?
03-16-2019 0 Jeremy and Jordano get straight to the point -- the point being, from Jeremy's perspective, that Jorndano's cock is delicious to suck on, and it feels really good to have it shoved all the way up your ass.
03-16-2019 0 Steve and Don end up meeting at a wild "Gay College Sex Party" and have a great fucking time together. They're sucking and fucking like they are lovers! These two find a private hallway and really get down to business! Don't miss this episode!
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03-16-2019 0 Jessie Capelli struts her stuff onstage.
03-16-2019 0 We take a road trip with Brian this week to visit his old friend Breton. We also try to take in the local sights, and run across Sebas. This hot Latino bottom has no clue what he's in for, but its hard to say NO with HUGE COCKS like these. Just watch!
03-16-2019 0 The big dog patrol is out to find some good looking tight pussy. Laya is out to find an education. Perhaps we should educate her in big cock banging. They say education can change your life.. will she ever fuck a little dick again?
03-16-2019 0 Tiffany wanted nothing other than to flaunt her wares on a music video, and she was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen....or so she thought. Sure enough, by the time our meat missiles were lodged in her sultry catacombs, she was having second thoughts indeed! Cum see the pain and pleasure!
03-16-2019 0 With her parents out of town Brynn takes the opportunity to invite 2 popular honeys over, hoping to break into the cool crowd. Little does she know, Eva and Roxy like to watch lesbian porn, make out with each other, and lick the fresh pink pussy of a first time lesbian when they're not in school! Cum over if you want to find out exactly how these honeys became so popular.... with all the other honeys!
03-16-2019 0 For a couple guys who profess to not be gay, Alex and Mylo sure do settle into sucking each others' cocks pretty readily. Hey, whatever -- it works for us!
03-16-2019 0 In a post 9/11 era we need our soldiers to be stronger, faster and longer. These guys complete their training by shoving a long barreled dick into each others' assholes because if they don't, the terrorists win.
03-16-2019 0 Always on the prowl, Yellow Boy met Nia Lee on-line. She asked him to come over and help her move. But she must have changed her plans after seeing how cute he is because once he got there only thing she wanted to pack was his tranny lovin' ass!
03-16-2019 0 When Angela orders room service, she expects FULL service, including a cock to suck and fuck until it spews jizz all over her incredible ass!
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03-16-2019 0 Welcome back House Wife Bangers fans. This week we have lovely Rachel and her knuckle head hubby. See this house wife ho-bag give it up for HWB, while her mang sits there like a fool. Cum inside now!!! Don't miss this hot and sexy home maker get a hardcore fuckin'!!!
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03-16-2019 0 "A story of a farm honey going to the big city...and luck goes her way!" Running into the geriatric googling guys, small town lass Heather had thought she hit the big time! Interviews... and getting paid! Watch as she is stripped, flipped, and dipped while getting some cash to boot!
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