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06-23-2017 0 Ethan and Luke hit the party and decided to skip the formalities and go straight to basting the one-eyed cactus! Stripped bare and tweaking each others trombone as we all cheer and the tension builds. Cum by and see who explodes first!
06-23-2017 0 For anyone who ever doubted that fact that Sophia will fuck anything, anytime, anywhere: here is proof. While setting the table she noticed that the plasticware was an assortment of pretty colors and immediately started to wonder how they would look bunched up in her holes. Minutes later she was jamming these odd shaped objects into herself like it was some kind of erotic magic trick.
06-23-2017 0 See these sleek and sexy sorority sisters suck down slippery schlong. This may be by far the sexiest chapter of our ongoing mission to bring you the best College Wild Parties. See the grand finally of this sexy cum competition!!!
06-23-2017 0 Alexandre pounds well-hung Sabrina Carloni in the ass until he explodes on her nice firm tits!
06-23-2017 0 Hungry for lunch, the moment we saw Kaiya we made plans to get us some Asian takeout.... with nothing on it! We enticed her to come yummy down on us... I mean with us, with the promise of what we call 'Double Dim Sum.' She gobbled up our main courses and proceeded to get completely stuffed. Too bad she left with an empty stomach.
06-23-2017 0 Foxy Faye Valentine needed to open up sexually, so when her husband Dane was approached by the Sheridans to try a wife swap, Dane talked Faye into it. Fast forward to the next day and Faye is watching her husband bang blonde bitch Nicole, while she is being fucked raw by Nicole's husband! Faye had no idea that a foursome fuck between couples could feel so good!
06-23-2017 0 Ex-Spinna cum Lesbo temptress Emily scoped smokin latina Valerie browsing sexy dresses and Em was determined to go south of the border with this spicy slut! Watch these two beat the heat and get sweaty indoors fucking n' sucking twat in Valerie's First Lesbian Sex!
06-23-2017 0 Summer can't seem to find work in Florida. Sebastian and I helped ease her worries by double-teaming her HOT ass. Another MILFseeker 1st!!! One of the hottest MILFs to date, Shauna shows up to make a foursome! Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky!
06-23-2017 0 It was hot in the valley and even hotter between Kacey's sexy fucking legs! Mad for some juicy cooter Julie tricked her out of her clothes, tickled that twat good, and gave her the big dong for dessert! Watch Kacey try out some lesbian clam! mmm-mmm...clam sammich!
06-23-2017 0 Hope is engaged to be married and she's just the sweetest little thing. She's eager to make her big break so eager, in fact that she'd even suck dick? Well, its not against the rules... and neither is fucking the talent scout in front of a camera!! Watch out Jamaica here she cums!!
06-23-2017 0 Adriana was doing some shopping when we approached her with some scam movie interview. A couple questions in and we find out she's a sexually frustrated mother, just what we were looking for!!!! We know that every mama can use a couple extra helping hands..... not to mention hard-ons! Check out this sex hungry MILF NOW!!!!
06-23-2017 0 A high-end UK real estate search turns into scorching three-way romp. Talk about earning your "cummission"!
06-23-2017 0 This pretty little waitress was cold and alone...but not for long! The squad warmed up her sexy curves with some heavy cock friction as their monster cocks filled her out like a term paper! Watch the Gang Bang Squad heat up another virgin with hot dong glue in this episode!
06-23-2017 0 Hola! The guys are going to Mexico and want to learn some spanish, so they hired a private tutor. However, it's the guys who teach the tutor how to deep throat a huge burrito and stuff a taco!
06-23-2017 0 Sexy ex-waitress Chanel used to sling burgers n' fries but this joint is strictly seafood! Our dirty dyke served up some hot clam and tasty nips, and pretty Chanel kept cummin' back for more! Watch this slop slingin' slut go vagitarian for her first lesbian sex!
06-23-2017 0 It was a scorching hot day in LA when we spotted Jayna gettin' some liquid refreshment at the C-store. We knew what she was really craving-- two big ol' dicks! Our guys whipped out one for her to suck on like a icicle and the other to stretch her puckered little anus out for maximum ventilation!
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06-23-2017 0 The GBS Investigation Agency has caught this red head, red handed and they have the tape to prove it. Now this slut will have to give it up to all four of our investigators if she wants to keep her jungle fever a secret from her rich white husband. Her negotiation skills are as sore as her ass, pussy and throat when we're done punishing this cheating whore.
06-23-2017 0 This wasn't Mark's first gay shoot, but it was the first time that this twink was going to take it at both ends from cocks this big! We may have thrown some extra money at him to take the double-dicking, but when you watch the scene you can tell he would have taken this pleasure ride for free!
06-23-2017 0 See these sleek and sexy sorority sisters suck down slippery schlong. This may be by far the sexiest chapter of our ongoing mission to bring you the best College Wild Parties. See the grand finally of this sexy cum competition!!!
06-23-2017 0 Gay for pay? Sounds like a new trend to me! We paid this twink to open up his ass and say ahhhh!
06-23-2017 0 Melissa Lauren was just plain bored, she needed something new to come into her life and spice things up. Well Melissa, would you take something new cumming in your ass?! On cue to cure Melissa's blues, Alec and Mikey show up to stretch her virgin sphincter until this bitch's butthole snaps!
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06-23-2017 0 I heard that you were feeling ill, headaches, fever and a chill, i came to help restore your pluck cuz' I'm the nurse who likes to.... Our hot blond teen pick-me up said as she walked through the door. Lexi had been feeling a little under the weather, so Ethan called on this sexy teen with her tight body and perky tits to fuck the funnk out of her!
06-23-2017 0 Kyle was a lean, mean brunette stud who thought his experienced asshole could handle any man-hammer swung it's way...but poor Kyle had never seen anything like Sam Swift's daunting dick! Kyle took that massive member into his mouth, lubing it up for it's upcoming anal penetration! The pain on Kyle's face is palpable but his elastic asshole takes it's first huge cock ball-deep and lives to tell the tale!
06-23-2017 0 This chick loves astrology. And we're a couple of ASS-trologers ourselves! We planted our Big Dippers in her Milky Way AND her Black Hole! Is Ricki's universe expanding or contracting? Or is it gettin' STRETCHED?
06-23-2017 0 Now *this* is my idea of a wake up call! If there's a hotel out there that offers a lotion rub down, followed by a nice long suck, fuck and jerk session, sign me up!
06-23-2017 0 This threeway romp starts with some behind the scenes fun from a recent live shoot we did featuring Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews and Lexi Belle. Once the joshing around is over, though, the girls get down to some serious pussy eating, vibrator play and plenty of screaming, shuddering orgasms!
06-23-2017 0 Toys, toys, and more toys! Tune in to gawk at these gorgeous gals groping their way to good times and gapping wet gashes. No doubt your gonads will grow watching their girlish figures and listening to their groans as they greedily grind gadgets to g-spot glory!
06-23-2017 0 Kung Pow Pussy just the way I like it! Tia was a full service chick and was ready to be my slave. She did everything I asked with a smile! She rubbed her big tits then sucked on my rod. When I finally got inside of her she was on fire! I made sure to give her all she could take!
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06-23-2017 0 "You're a fucking cocksucker slut, right?" we ask Angela. Well, Angela can't answer because she has a cock down her throat... and another one balls deep in her pussy... and another one pummeling her soon to be wrecked ass. Never mind slut, I think we have our answer!
06-23-2017 0 Megan Monroe is getting a mouthful today! Sinfully delicious big black cocks are on the menu. She's taking those sausages like a champ; with everyone cumming back for more. Don't forget dessert; we're serving up some yummy creampie!
06-23-2017 0 We just couldn't resist a chick that loves hot dogs! That is were we found Alicia, at the park's hot dog stand. This cute cock slot was just begging to take our oversized gristle missles. When we got done with her we topped her off with thick kraut sauce!
06-23-2017 0 There's no faking it in this episode. Natalie is a seriously horny femfatal who fingers herself as deep as she can reach before filling her hungry gaping gash with the huge pink dildo she hides under her bed. But our boys have a different idea of fun and the tears in Natalies eyes are as real as the moisture on her twat.
06-23-2017 0 What's a little language barrier between men who just wanna get down to penetrating action. The semantics between huge cock, extra big dick, and thick n' juicy are lost on Emmanuel. The only thing that matters in the end, is the size of that thing going in his end!
06-23-2017 0 Trollin' for tarts to stick her tongue (and other things) into, sexy Sasha caught pretty Carrie and went right to work! Watch this model wannabe switch from cock to twat as she tastes Sasha's pink taco for the first time ever in this episode!
06-23-2017 0 Robbie's not into those deep meaningful relationships, he just wants a guy who's hot and likes to be on top. Hayden just got out of a relationship and wants to have a little fun. Lets see if Robbie can handle it when Hayden wants a deep relationship.. with his ass!
06-23-2017 0 Alex runs into Marick and Thomas for some real sucking and fucking in this episode of "His First Huge Cock." Alex is 35 and has a lover of five years, but decides to spend the afternoon with these two hot studs!
06-23-2017 0 Jaymz and his latest playmate, Chance, get straight to the point here, quickly transitioning from a passionate makeout session to working each others' cocks like their lives depend on reaching orgasm!
06-23-2017 0 Smokin' hottie Faith snatched pretty Celeste in the babes room and couldn't wait to taste her hot wet snatch! Will Faith get her wish and turn out another sexy straight slut? Will pretty Celeste return the favor and become a vagitarian? Tune in now and find out!
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06-23-2017 0 Angelo surprises Kattie with a bottle of champagne to kick off a romantic evening. The champagne will have to wait, though, because these two lovers can't.
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