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08-21-2018 0 It's movie time as sweet slut Lexi makes pretty Lucy a star! But, before this Ginger haired slut made her way to the silver screen she had to cozy up on the casting couch and let Lexi munch her pretty red carpet! Don't miss the premiere as she has her first lesbian sex!
08-21-2018 0 This week we have a very special episode for all you twink lovers. Punk wanted a job but he was deaf and dumb, so we put him to work sucking our cocks! No need to speak with a mouth full of man-pole!
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08-21-2018 0 This sexy tight-assed straight stud was working out in the park and we were up for making him a bitch in the sheets! So we lured him back and before long he was taking 2 cocks in the ass and loving it!
08-21-2018 0 Pissed that she got fired, Brittany tries breaking into her bosses office to plant some incriminating evidence. Security guards, Jack and John bust her in the act, but before they call it in, she says she'll do ANYTHING to get off - and to get them off...
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08-21-2018 0 When we told this blonde babe that she could earn some extra cash taking our survey, she never expected the first question to be "Will you take your shirt off"! But then again, we never expected her to agree only if BOTH of us paid her! She drives a hard bargain... But we're gonna get our money's worth driving hard into her!
08-21-2018 0 We think that Bethany is a voluptuous blond bombshell but she thinks she's flabby so she made an appointment with our personal trainers. Little did she know, their ideas on how to work up a sweat are unorthodox. First, they work it in, then they work it out until she's gotten a good stretch.
08-21-2018 0 What's better than money? Cum soaked money of course! Damien was a pretty dude who came to our office hoping to find some modeling work but he made us so hungry for his hard body that we offered him an acting role. We told him that the more he did the more money we'd give. How far do you think he'll go?
08-21-2018 0 Sierra is pretty plain Jane. But, everyone knows Jane likes dick. And Dick likes Jane. Dick and Jane play until Dick gets sick all over Jane's plain face!!
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08-21-2018 0 On this very special holiday episode of Her First Anal Sex we have for you, the beautiful ebony Eve. Eve needed to buy some CD's and we wanted to make her holiday a special one. See this sexy skank give up her holiest of hollies for some of her favorite tunes.
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08-21-2018 0 "A story of a farm honey going to the big city...and luck goes her way!" Running into the geriatric googling guys, small town lass Heather had thought she hit the big time! Interviews... and getting paid! Watch as she is stripped, flipped, and dipped while getting some cash to boot!
08-21-2018 0 Lexi's extravaganza continues with tangled bodies and sex craved hotties. The ladies take the lead as Lexi sips champagne and orchestrates a game of "name that cock." The ladies wait for their blindfolds and assume the position. Will they perform the famed squat and gobble? Stay tuned. (part 2 of 3)
08-21-2018 0 Troy is a professional massage therapist who was willing to take our survey, but unwilling to show his "assets". With a little money, and some hot kissing, we got what we wanted, a hot guy to take his FIRST HUGE COCK !
08-21-2018 0 Volcanically hot for the voyeur in you, we're brave enough to play games of perversion when and where the mood strikes. Looking up from the throws of some bitches throat I noticed that our party had become the nightclubs main attraction, so we decided to give the people what they want. Tune in to watch our sexcapades. (2 of 3)
08-21-2018 0 Another star is born this week when we recruited this innocent farm babe from "Missourah" by showing her how the other half live: sleek black jags, blue cement vault rooms & designer couches. Watch us pop the cork on this hot little bottle of Krystal with our monster cocks!
08-21-2018 0 Rachel was a quite babe that was looking for a wild night out with the guys. She let us read her palm and we told her she was going to have double the fun tonight! Stop! What are you doing? Awe come on baby it's the ultimate. Nothing like a dick in your butt and one in your pussy!
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08-21-2018 0 Brooke the mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with Sam's car. Dissatisfied with the lack of a solution to his vehicular dilemma, Sam gave Brooke a choice: figure out what's wrong with my car, or suck my dick. Brooke chose the latter, and the rest is cum-stained history.
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08-21-2018 0 "Ever since I turned 18, I guess I've wanted to have fun and it sucks having to live under my parents roof." the new neighbor babe told Lexi. " Well I'm kinda glad you got locked out of your house."
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08-21-2018 0 Returning to Osaka, Akuji's next step was to rebuild his strength and to acquire his new force to get back his home. During his preparation, Wakame Gumi was planning something else, which was to capture Akuji's lover, Minka.
08-21-2018 0 With his ripped, lithe little body, Rikky was all too willing to show it off and take our offer of a little cash in exchange for being turned out by hot gay stud Marco! It took Rikky a moment to settle himself when Marco's big cock pushes its way deep inside of him, but Rikky toughed it out and was soon enjoying the pleasures of the thick dick!
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08-21-2018 0 The last time the girls saw Hailey they were still playing in the sandbox. Now they are into a different kind of box...the soft pink kind! Join their reunion and watch them get down and dirty in this episode of the pussy lickers club!
08-21-2018 0 Straight from the set of a recent live shoot by Pink Visual, it's everybody's favorite Sarah Palin impersonator, Lisa Ann! No parody roles or goofy dialog for Lisa this time, though; just hot, hard-driving, no-holes-barred sex with master cocksman Erik Everhard.
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08-21-2018 0 Mark showed up after closing asking for a beer. The girls stuck by the rules... until Mark put enough cash down to bend the rules -- and the girls -- over backward. Then it was not only 'Show Time,' it was 'Blow Time' as well. It was also Fuck Time, and Spurt Your Jizz On Two Hot Teens Time, but you'll have to watch the scene to get the rest of that story.
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08-21-2018 0 These counselors take special interest in the nasty class of 2005. Madoka goes to her counselor for advice on her classes, and the help she is given will take her to a new place of erotic heights. Watch these ladies embark on a path of forbidden love!
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08-21-2018 0 When we saw this piece of fresh meat walking down the street, we were overcome by a craving for bearded baby clam. After generously contributing to Elli's culinary education, she gave us private lessons in the 'French arts'. She got us fired up pretty quickly, but we slow roasted our sausages in her hot little oven, leaving her well basted with our special sauce.
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08-21-2018 0 The college years are a time of learning and making memories, meeting new friends and having wild experiences. Let us help you relive those wonder years with all the sex and booze you remember so fondly.
08-21-2018 0 We picked up a couple of guys at the local bathhouse but its your screen that'll steam up when you watch our threesome get down n' dirty in one hot hot hot shower!
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08-21-2018 0 We picked up a couple of guys at the local bathhouse but its your screen that'll steam up when you watch our threesome get down n' dirty in one hot hot hot shower!
08-21-2018 0 Derek is as straight as they come...Or so he thinks. Hanging out with the guys watching porn can't be bad right? Unless one of those guys want's to get his hard cock sucked too! But It's only a matter of time before Derek's taking a mouth full for the team!!
08-21-2018 0 Ok fellas, we got a live one for you this week! This gangsta wanna be got more than he bargined for when he got mixed up with us. He stepped onto the otha side of the tracks and got his first taste of the gay life! Thug 4 Life should change his name to Gay 4 Life! Don't miss one minute of this gangstas transformation!
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