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02-17-2019 0 I found out last week that my boyfriend Barry was cheating on me. That prick. I was so pissed at him that I brainstormed possible retaliations. I really wanted him to pay for what he did. As a nurse, I often gave him routine medical check-ups. He was coming in for a semen sample and I realized it'd be the perfect setting for some good humìlìatìon. I told a couple of my co-workers what'd happened and the idea I had. They were both eager to participate as they know how hot my boyfriend's body is. We were all still giggling in anticipation as Barry walked in for the appointment. He looked hesitant as he saw thethree of us awaiting his arrival."Hey... I thought I just had an appointment with YOU..." He said as he pointed to me.The honeys smiled coyly as I came up with a lame excuse for their presence."You know what? I needed some help... I have to make sure I have one more person here, because if the doctor comes in... and he sees me and you in there...""Uh..." He interrupted nervously. "I can come back...""No no no, honey!" I pleaded. It was clear that he was uncomfortable with the notion as he resisted our attempts to talk him into it. We all became very assertive and finally convinced him to come into the examination room with the three of us. As we entered the room he questioned us with a look of uncertainty on his face."A-are you sure it's okay...?""Yeah" We assured him. "Take off your clothes."We made up a lie and explained the office was out of clean patient gowns so he'd have to shed his clothes."I just have to take off my shirt, right?" Barry questioned.The honeys and I told him since it was a semen sample, it was mandatory that he remove his jeans as well.He wanted to go to the bathroom, but we weren't having it. This was an examination, after all, wasn't it?Tricia began to slip on a pair of rubber gloves, obviously eager to play with my hunk of a boyfriend. He demanded to know what the gloves were for. She assured him they were for hygiene and explained the possibility of a rectal exam. This startled Barry, but after a bit of coaxing we were able to calm him down enough to allow us to perform the procedure. As Barry leaned back onto the patient mat, Tricia commenced in massaging his ball sack, announcing she'd felt something unusual in his testicles."You're going to have to lay on your stomach." She said.It was time for the rectal exam. I quickly grabbed the Vaseline and opened the jar for Tricia. Her fingers dipped into the sensual transparent gel. Barry's ass was exposed to us, I couldn't help but be turned on by the entire situation. As Tricia fiddled with his insides we tried as hard as we could to keep calm. After the rectal exam we weighed him. The honeys couldn't resist, they began running their hands all over his muscular body. Spanking his taught rear like the horny sluts they were. We guided Barry back to the patient mat and had him lying on his back. The honeys wasted no time in lubing up his growing cock.By this time, he'd already succumbed to the multi-pleasures of being played with by three different women. We were driving him insane as he squirmed on the mat, so eager to ejaculate. It wasn't until he was right at the edge of climax that we unanimously decided it'd be the perfect time to stop. Tricia and Sarah made excuses for their sudden departure, leaving me alone with him."Hey!!!" Barry groaned loudly in disappointment as he was left with blue balls."So honey? Anything you wanna tell me?" I asked.He finally confessed he'd cheated and blamed his infidelity on alcohol.Since we were both coming clean, I decided to fess up to sleeping around on him as a method of payback. He and I both knew we were even, so I figured I'd bring the honeys in to finish him off. We all vigorously worked his meaty cock and balls in such a frenzy he moaned and groaned until he shot his hefty load into our hands. Revenge has never been so fun. ;)
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02-17-2019 0 Relax, we'll take good care of you, Lexi reassures Jessie. And indeed they do...
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